Following the release of his debut release, Papua New Guinean rapper Jon has just released his video for the EP’s title track H22. Tomatrax caught up with Jon to ask a few questions.

What inspired you to become a rapper?
It’s trendy.

When did you write your first song?
Can’t remember, depending on whatever it could of been shadow man mid last year or when i was 8

What’s it like to have your debut EP out?

You’re music has frequently been described as classic hip-hop, are you aiming for an old school hip-hop sound when writing your music?
Old school new school whatever I’m a dynamic writer.

You’re about to go on tour, what can fans expect from your shows?

Hip hop show, nothing spectacular, hopefully my form on stage can show how much of a performer I can be other than that its my first tour and i just want to be fun to watch. But its all about the music.

Are there any plans for a full length album?

YES its done. its been done. just gotta dust it off. plans are in the hands of the MAN, dunCAN CAMpbell.

What was the inspiration behind the golf game video for H22?
Brayden Doig came up with the idea, i saw the shots in my head just like he. and than we went and got the shots.

What does H22 stand for?
Hell if i know. i am 22 years old this year, 2 is my lucky number and its twice as good as H20

What made you decide to go simply by the name Jon?

It’s my style. its what my mom named me. its the most translated name in the world. its one syllable.

What was it like growing up in Papua New Guinea?

Different story for a different time. somehow I sound american from growing up there.

How does Brisbane compare to Papua New Guinea?
I’m white in new guinea and black in brisbane.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Not really. unless I just did something thats new to me and i want to hear it over and over again. “what I hear broken” a song prod by harry jackson of Psy wife, features midas gold, and its very apparent that i not only do the Fresh prince thing you see on “like flow” and “H22”.

What music do you listen to?

Anything really i don’t go searching for house music but I love hearing a really good one like “inspector norse” by Todd Terje. I recently discovered an Italian song that I think is great lyrically and I was high when I heard it. Whenever I hear and old school sounding song like from the times of sam cooke, I’m on it. most shit nowadays kinda just goes over the top of my head.

What do you plan on doing after your tour?
I don’t like thinking about my future cause i don’t put anything towards it and I know that its gonna FUCK ME. but after the tour, same ol, rock up un announced play some playstation, write a rap, redo a rap, but mostly focus on working with producers that have really impressed me, that appreciate my style. one particular guy, “Morgan Brown” he and i are gonna be getting FUCKED UP and working together, he’s a funny guy with awesome talent and I’m really excited about working on my singing lyrics to be able to make some real REAL RNB, not that bullshit jason derulo SHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. MUCH LOVE PS. if it was trendy to dress up like a drag queen, I’d still be making music. BEDLAM RECORDS

Check out Jon’s webpage to find out more!