Brisbane’s Essick have just realised their first single, Ghost Towns. A song driven by a love of spiky, staccato riffs, and intricate drum patterns with a video taken in some of Brisbane’s scariest corners. Tomatrax caught up with Freddy, the band’s bass player, to as a few questions.

When did you write your first song?

As Essick, Ravi and I wrote the first track (Indica) together a year and a half ago, before that we were both writing tunes for years.

Where did the name Essick come from?

The name Essick came about after we had finished working on building a recording space together better known as the dungeon, we were just throwing some names around I said some shitty ones and Ravi said Essick and yeah, that’s what we went with.

What made you pick Ghost Towns as your debut single?

Ghost Towns in hindsight its not necessarily our favourite track off the album, but this ended up being the last track we recorded together and was chosen as the single.

The video clip covered some of the scariest parts of Brisbane, what made you want to go to all these places?

Mostly it was about having fun going to these places with a bunch of friends plus they were just genuinely cool places to go too and see.

Did you feel scared at all during the filming of the clip?

Yeah! I broke my foot running out of that tunnel and Im pretty sure Dunners popped out a tweaker.

You have your debut album coming out soon, how will the tracks compare with Ghost Towns?

Ghost Towns is probably the most unique track off the album in terms of structure and dancability, the other tracks (for me) are much more suited to who and what Essick is. The other tracks have a darker vibe and are more melodically attractive each track is different though with different meaning in their own right.

Where did the title Atrium Atrium come from?

The first track Ravi recorded was Atrium and Atrium Atrium just sounded fitting I guess.

Were all the songs off the album recorded in your bedroom?

We demoed all of the tracks together in the dungeon then when in the recording phase recorded them properly at Bedlam

Do you ever listen to your own music?

I listened to them a fair bit when we were recording but Nah, not anymore.

What music do you listen to?

Personally I haven’t been listening to music at all for the past while

What do you plan on doing once the album is released?

I have a group of guys borrowed from other bands (Boss Moxi and Twin Haus) who have been learning the tracks in Ravis absence so we can perform the album and tour. The next writing phase will come when I find someone whos down.