How did the band form?
In 2011 on a cold and windy Monday at 10.45am, Sea Legs was birthed after the band I was in previously ( with my brother and another set of brothers) pulled the pin..
Where did the name Sea Legs come from?
We don’t really have an exciting answer for this unfortunately, just the truth: I was driving in my car (around the time of deciding on a band name), on my way to get a mixed kebab, when our bassist said ‘What about Sea Legs?”
You’ve released a number of singles and EPs are there any plans to release an album?
We will (one day) release a full-blown album – It’s definitely in our plans! We will be releasing a second EP before hand though, due March 2015!
What made you pick Christopher Strong as your latest single?
My Aunty Sharon told me it’s a good song… That was affirmation enough for me.

You’ve also got a new EP coming out early next year, how will it compare with your previous releases?
Super excited for this coming EP, naturally we have had a little more budget to work with this time around, so we have been able to execute things a little more how we wanted. We have teed up with Australian producer extraordinaire Josh Telford (Silverchair, Eskimo Joe, Luke Steele). Josh is brilliant and gets our band and what we are trying to achieve with our music… Happy days, can’t wait to pop this puppy!
Do you know what the EP will be called?
No idea yet, but i’m sure we’ll come up with the right title – It’ll probably come to us while driving in our car to pick up some free range eggs and a 1L milk,
You’ve received a lot of critical acclaim and coverage for your previous releases, did this make you feel any pressure when working in your forthcoming release?
Definitely. It’s always a little daunting trying to back it up and keep these moving in the right direction, but the writing has been flowing lately, so we are feeling relatively calm and a little ridged.
You’re about to tour the country in support of your EP, what can fans expect from your show?
They can expect the unexpected..
What’s the music scene like in Bateau Bay?
Bateau Bay is a humble little surfy town… The fish and chip scene here is GREAT, but the music scene isn’t quite as epic.. Geoff and Bill doin shit-house covers down at the local bowlo, or karaoke Wednesdays.
Do you ever listen to your own music?
Like while i’m going on a road trip in my car? Or a pre gym workout mixed tape of Sea Legs? Nah, not really… That would be weird! Except for when I listening to it coming back through the foldback wedges.. That’s ok.
What music do you listen to?
Over the course of my life I have had about 700.000 favorite bands.. So this is a question that none of us have time for. This morning I listened to some ‘Future Islands, and right now i’m listening to Lana Del Ray ‘Westcoast’
What do you plan on doing after your tour?
Wrapping up this EP and getting ready for a wild 2015!

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