Twin Haus are a new four piece from Brisbane who put our their own brand of ambient psychedelic indie rock! This is their debut EP featuring 7 dreamy atmospheric tunes.

The EP infuses elements of indie / shoe gaze and prog / psychedelic rock to create a magical dreamy atmosphere. There is a range of sounds and styles explored ranging from the laid back slow hazy sounds to more upbeat poppy sounds. At the same time all seven tracks flow from one to the next seamlessly to create one long epic journey from start to finish.

Salvia Dali is a laid back and chilled out tune that sets the scene for the EP. There is a soft yet solid wall of sound that gently surrounds and takes over. The Flaming Lips-esq vocals slowly work their way into the mix to add a further hazy shoe gaze dimension.

Blackwater is a poppy upbeat tune. The offbeat tunes sliding from fast to slow create an intriguing vibe that is unpredictable yet infectious and endearing at the same time.

Night Locus is a vivid piece in the vein of Arcade Fire or the Antlers. There is a thick atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are drifting through a forest in the middle of the night.

The EP closes with the dark and heavy Eye for an eye. There is a chilling eerie vibe flowing through the track with the music working its way from being chilled out to being heavy and intense, and then back again! The all encapsulating atmosphere drags you in and locks you down for the whole ride!

This is an extremely promising debut that shows the bands immense talent and creativity. Across 25 minutes they are able to explore all manner of ideas full of colour and flair. The various colours and textures are interweaved with each other to create one continuous journey!

Check out a Twin Haus’s website to find out more!