It’s been almost a decade since Sydney indie rockers Sounds Like Sunset last put out a record. For anyone feeling severe withdrawal symptoms the cure is finally here in their third full length album We could leave tonight.

This album sees the band pick up where they left off with their own brand of fuzzy dreamy pop. As was the case before the band mix catchy pop, dreamy shoegaze, and heavy grungy elements together to create their very own sound. While it has been a long time between the releases the music quickly brings you back on board with songs that have all the familiar elements yet still sound fresh and new!

Second change is a laid back indie rock tune. There is a no-wave-esk atmosphere that soaks it’s way in as the song flows on in a very chilled out manner.
Open my eyes is a much heavier affair with some subtle guitar distortion allowing the song to charge while still having a placid poppy vibe.

Maybe Eye is a slightly melancholic tune. There is a subtle downbeat feel. At the same time however there is a certain feeling of comfort though the soft guitars and subtle background keys. The elements all work together to creat a powerful beautiful offering sounding like The Cure crossed with Ride.
Sunshine is the perfect pop song with catchy riffs and an infectious background sing-a-long. On top of this is a solid summer soaked atmosphere that allows you to drift off in a dreamy state!
Fears is a heavy grungy number, the spacey guitars create a thick dark atmosphere akin to being out in the middle of the night.

This is Sounds Like Sunset at their finest, once again they have mixed the best elements of various styles to produce something amazing and then taken it to yet another level. For those who have been hanging out for more from Sounds Like Sunset, rejoice for the wait is over and it has been worth it!

Check out Sounds Like Sunsets website to find out more!