Following from the incredible debut two years ago, Fraser McGown a.k.a. Caught in the Wake Forever has returned with album number two. The album works as a sequel, picking up where Against a simple wooden cross left off. Following from breakdown and heartbreak, My family goes on without me narrates the process of acceptance and moving on. It is just as emotional and tear jerking as its predecessor and once again Mr McGowan has put his heart and soul up on display for all to see. However this time round it is done more in a way of cutting the previous issues away.

In the vein of its predecessor, My family goes on without me has a mix of slow soft folk tracks and ambient experimental tracks, with the odd tracks being instrumental and the even tracks with vocals. The vocal tracks create a powerfully vivid narrative while the instrumentals provide the space for the feeling of the album to sink in and take hold.

This is very much an album where everything is raw and on show, and really this is what makes it so undeniably beautiful. Too often in music there is a focus on a perfectly tuned voice or a slick polished produced sound. But really it’s the imperfections that make this record as amazing as it is. It’s the rough distorting sounds that provides the uneasy and unnerving atmosphere. It’s the gravelly whimsical voice that creates the heartbreaking emotion. It’s clear Mr McGowan has poured his heart and soul in making this record allowing you to go along the journey with him!

Mr McGown has followed up his sensational debut with an album that matches the beauty and takes the journey to the next stage. Mr McGown doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, he has it right on the front of his shirt for all to see! Perhaps this is an album that some people won’t “get”, but those with an open mind (and ears) will discover something truly groundbreaking!


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