Boston’s singer-songwriter Anda Volley has just put out her debut album, full of powerfully energetic sounds. Anda covers the whole range of indie rock styles across the 8 tracks. Everything from folk-pop to trip-hop is covered and pulled off with creative flair. Anda adjusts her vocals to fit with the style and mode of each track to further add to the atmosphere and vibe.

The albums opens with the curious sounds of Water is heavy. There is a mix of industrial beats and laid back folk sounds held together by Anda’s soft and endearing voice. Laura in the ghost machine picks the pace up sounding like a cross between the Human League and Nine Inch Nails. There is a great infectious 80s style pop vibe that is backed with some heavy undertones. Anda’s vocals are lively yet manage to add a further layer of the ghostly atmosphere.



Torch the countryside is a heavy rock tune in the vein of the Pixies or Sonic Youth. There is a massive wall of sound courtesy of Lou’s distorting guitars. Star of the unborn is a great angsty tune lead by an angry sounding guitar and a gutsy vocal delivery belted out with great force. King yellowman is an interesting trip-hop/electronic offering. The unconventional loops and scratches give it a rough edge creating an eerie feel. Anda’s raps type voice works well to add to the slow intensity. The album closes with the spacey dance sounds of Day unfolding within. The faint echoing vocals add to the airy isolated feel.

This is a sensational collection of offbeat but very creative tunes. Each track offers up something new and exciting with a heap of atmosphere, colour, and creative flair.



 Check out Anda Volley’s website to find out more!