Artist and composer Mitchel Davidsovitz has put out his latest EP consisting entirely of samples from the television. In the vein of Negative land, the EP collects television audio samples arranged to form their own messages. Mr Davidovitz collected 34 hours of television, the weekly viewing of an average American, in making this EP. He then arranged the samples to form a collection of musical pieces each showing off their own message.

This is the sort of record that really makes you think about things. This is all done through putting the right samples in the right place to allow the point to be made.

You’re just supposed to listen and say yes sets the theme of the EP around how multimedia can effectively brainwash the general public. The track is full of messages of what’s wrong with you and how the product. Wing advertised will fix this!

Act normal tackles the issues of commercials convincing you there is something wrong with you and that their product will make you normal. There is a collage of examples of things being wrong followed by talking about being normal.

Women power / bad bra day explores the ideas behind sexism and the added irony behind the perceived causation with appearances.

24/7 professional monitoring shows up the contrasting ideas behind privacy and security mixing samples of advertisements for security devices against the idea of being monitored by big brother.

This is one of the most clever compositions I’ve come across! Collecting audio from the television and forming the samples into a set of self contained songs is impressive enough. But more than this, each track makes its scathing message about society loud and clear without actually saying anything! This is far from a conventional set of sounds, but those that want something thought provoking and somewhat different will discover something quite amazing here!


Check out Michael Davidovitz website to find out more!