After contributing lyrics and vocals to Adian Lux and then working with members of the Sweedish House Marfia, Sweden’s Linnéa Martinsson, otherwise known as Lune, as gone out on her own to produce her debut solo record. This album sees Lune show off her great creativity and talent. There are some amazing soundscapes explored along with a great spacey atmosphere. On top of this Lune uses her beautiful voice to advance the feeling of the music. Lune has a certain innocent, vulnerable sound to her voice that gives the music a great feeling of emotion.

Tonight is an infectiously catchy and gorgeous pop tune. The music is really slick and poppy while also having a deep spacey atmosphere. Close dance has an early Cure feel to it. There are some dark unnerving undertones creating a chilly feel, this is complemented by Lune’s breathy vocals. That day is a soft chilled tune with a soft beat in the background. Boys ‘n’ Roses is a great experimental tune that mixes spacey trip hop sounds with orchestral sounds in the background. Falling is a chillingly beautiful pop song. There is a cold vibe that flows through the sound making you feel like you are out in the middle of the snow. Lune’s echoing vocals further add to the atmosphere giving off the feeling of vastness. Girls with bangs works as a great bright pop song while also having interesting experimental undertones to give it that unique edge.

The album closes with the rather upbeat dancey single Made of steel.

This is an absolutely stunning record that sees Lune come out on her own and show off her amazing sound and creativity. As this is her first solo effort, there is no doubt more amazing and beautiful sounds to come!



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