Wolf Cola a new new Sydney two piece. In this their debut EP, they have put together their special brand of rock mixing elements of 60s surf, garage, and shoegaze rock together.

Turf City is a  fast and catchy surfy pop tune. There is a great vintage 60s sound while the Beach Boys-esq lead guitar gives the song a heap of life and character! I don’t know why is a rocking indie tune. There is a great heavy grungy feel mixed with vintage surfy riffs and a shoegazy atmosphere! All of this work brilliantly to create a slick pop tune that has a unique edge to it!  Deal with it takes on a more post punk feel with a gritty feel and a heap of grunt on show. The EP closes with the great 60s style rock tune Let’s Pretend.


This is a very promising collection of songs. The band manage to infuse various elements to create their own sound that is both slick and raw! If you ever wondered what the Beach Boys would sound like if they went punk, this is a fairly good indication.



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