Postcode guitarist Mikie Daugherty kicked off 2014 with the release of an EP in his Nanaki guise.  Letting the guitar do the talking, this EP puts forward 5 heavy rocking instrumentals packed with intensity, grunt, and some experimentation.

Anti social media is a grungy post punk tune. For most parts it is a laid back and chilled out offering reminiscent to Metallica’s softer moments with it occasional moments where trashes out in heavy and aggressive fashion before calming down again. Regretfully, I Must Decline Your Invitation is a dark and chilly affair. The lead piano adds a bleak feeling on top of the slowly raging guitars. As the song progresses it builds momentum to reach an unnerving feel with the piano now offsetting the chaotic distorting guitars.


Fuck Spotify is a racing hard core punk offering in the vein of Black Flag or Helmet. Over the seven and a half minutes the song explores all manner of ground with slower stoner rock moments to Strapping Young Lad-eqs intensity levels! Everything flows seamlessly while the different directions ensure for an epic piece that does not tire. When Legs Go Bad is a laid back indie tune reminiscent to some of The Cure’s more experimental moments of the early eighties. The EP closes with the 7 and a half  minute Saint Alessa.


This is a great EP with 5 energetic rocking instrumentals. Over each track the guitars are able to show off all sorts of ideas painting some very colorful soundscapes.



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