Juleah, aka Julia Hummer is a solo artist from Austria. Juleah bring her special brand of laid back vibes take elements from psychedelica, stoner rock, and shoegazer indie rock. The result is an amazing mellow vibe that allows you to drift weightlessly for the ride.


The album opens with the mighty relaxing The verge. The track has the great spacey psychedelic textures reminiscent of early Pink Floyd mixed with the stoner rock atmosphere reminiscent of Alice in Chains or Kyuss. On top of this the track is really mellow allowing you to drift away, aided by Juleah’s beautiful laid back vocals. Neverending swell heads towards a more country blusey sound lead by a hazy guitar. Magic vineyard heads further down the psychedelic path infusing a giant shoegaze atmosphere to create a massive cloudy soundscape. The Sixth and seventh moon sees Juleah’s voice draft all the way to the background allowing the music to take center stage. The EP closes with the experimental I Sway Enchantedly, where the vocals drift further into the background while the various instruments jam it out!

This is an amazing EP. Each track is full of vibrant life with all manner of interesting sounds and textures. At the same time there is a great mellow vibe throughout each track allowing you to drift away in a relaxed state! This is the perfect music to chill out to!




Check out Juleah’s bandcamp page to find out more.