Heads of Charm are a new three piece from Melbourne featuring members from Laura, Nikko, and Damn Terran. Their latest single shows off two hard hitting rock tunes!

Spain is on a roll is a full on assault of raw gritty garage rock! The energy is bursting out of the seams of the track getting you head banging from start to finish. On top of this the rough and ready approach gives the song a massive confronting atmosphere!
Check check check is an unnerving rock/metal offering reminiscent a of Tomahawk or Fantomas. There is a chilling unsettling vibe throughout the song as it slides from cold quiet moments to all out rage.

This is a brilliant couple of heavy hitting garage rock tunes that are packed with energy, power and grunt that drag you in and doesn’t let you go until the end!


Check out the band’s website to find out more!