Team Ugly are a new Auckland based outfit that take take DIY punk to the absolute extreme. The sound is completely rough and ready with nothing that even resembles production or mixing. Instead the band thrash it out fueled with raw grunt.

The opening track sets the tone with 30 seconds of screaming. This is followed by the very short but not so sweet sounds of Kill me and You are what you eat. Sounding like XTC crossed with the Boredoms they pull no punches with their own brand of extreme hard core punk. I’m possessive and controlling sees a dark post punk vibe work its way into the mix making the music even more gritty. The EP saves the best for last with the energy infused Duck my sick. Putting out a thick industrial atmosphere the track achieves the rawness of the previous tracks while offering an extra layer of depth!

This is a brutal collection of hart hitting DIY punk tracks, and 30 seconds of screaming!


Check out Team Ugly’s bandcamp page to find out more!