Following critically accliam releases, UK ambient artists Oathless and Good Weather for an Airstrike have joined forces to create one amazing EP full of chilled vibes and dreamy soundscapes. The two artists bring in their distinct styles with each complementing each other beautifully to create a relaxed atmospheric journey. On top of this vocals from Jamie Brett gives the music an extra lease of life.

The opening track Ometra is a great demonstration of chilled out ambiance while the beautiful vocals of Jamie Brett provide further life to the piece and make it stand up as an outstanding pop tune. For your childhood races towards you is an evolving piece, starting off slow and soft it gradually builds with samples easing their way in. The vocals work their way into the back of the sound creating a solid backbone to the song without going over the top of the ambient beauty.

Fragment sees the EP take a dramatic twist from the relaxed vibes to a more melancholic vibe with subtle samples lingering behind a chilling piano.   What are you doing Lyla? continues this vibe. There is a great airyness about the song. As the song progresses the atmosphere gets thicker and more intense heading towards a confronting droney charge.

The EP closes with the slightly ambient, slightly dancey Through the Iris. The song is complete with toe tapping beats, charismatic vocals, and a spacey backdrop. All of which fit together nicely giving the EP a nice closing warm down.

This is an amazing EP showcasing some wonderful sounds and textures. Each artist puts forward a vital contribute allowing the EP to achieve the brilliant levels it has done. This is a very successful collaboration of the best bits of already great artists!