Sydney 4-piece The Model School have returned with their first album in four years. This seems the band head down the path of old school rock and rock with a touch of country and folk elements for good measure.

This works as a great driving album, across the album is a great earthy Australian atmosphere making you feel like you are traveling along a rural highway. There is a great mix of classic rock elements with vivid country undertones with elements of The Church, Tom Petter, and the Triffids all finding their way into the mix somewhere.

The opening tracks Desert Flower and Streets I left behind give off a racing vibe with a feeling of traveling far away. Pictures of summer has a more sombre feel leaving off the feeling of isolation and the need to be somewhere else.

Backwards down the highway is a major highlight to the album. Reminiscent of the Church’s early work the strong but sombre guitars give off a stunning melancholic vibe. The jamming outro adds a further dimension to the song and ensures it finishes with a massive high!

Lonesome Valley is a dark folk offering, there is a massive feeling of bleakness and isolation giving off the feeling of being stranded in the middle of the desert at night.

Every bed I made is the darkest tune on the record. The subtle acoustic guitar paired with soft gravely vocals provides for a unnerving and chilling sound-scape.

This is a brilliant record full of atmosphere, vivid imagery, and great feeling. Each track transports you away to somewhere far away giving off the feeling of going somewhere or wanting to, either way it is full of great passion!



Check out the Model School’s bandcamp page to find out more!