Following from her stunning debut Dawn, Eliza Hull has returned with her follow up release, putting forward 7 atmospherically beautiful songs! Across the EP Eliza takes you through a massive journey with amazing soundscapes and imagery making you feel like you are drifting through a rain forest at night. There are all manner of interest sounds and twists along the way. In addition Eliza adjusts her voice and delivery to suit the different sounds and moments of the record making everything fit in place brilliantly.

The EP opens with the soft yet deep sounds of Head above water, setting the scene for the journey ahead.

Echoes is a breathtakingly epic tune! There’s a dark but chilled out vibe flowing through the song. Eliza throws in all the emotion possible into her vocals seamlessly moving from powerful up front delivery to breathy echoing sounds. On top of this the production quality is top notch with everything fitting in perfectly to produce an amazing soundscape.

Christopher is reminiscent of This Mortal Coil. The music creates a deep, dark, and haunting atmosphere! On top of this Eliza pours in all manner of emotion to create a heartfelt and moving feel.

Skin takes on a trip hop feel with a range of cool drum sounds ranging from laid back taps to slightly more industrial sounds. Eliza’s voice glides over the beats adding a softening contrast. Northern Lights continues the trip hop feel, the minimalist beats create a great airy atmosphere that is complemented by some gutsy and passionate vocals.

Ready for the fall is a heart felt tune. The music is quite subtle and pushed back allowing Eliza’s passionate voice to take center stage showing off her amazing range and strength!

The EP closes with Ghosts, a stunning electronic offering in the vein of Portishead or Massive Attack. The music has a certain subtle, minimalist feel to it that gives off a powerfully chilling atmosphere. The gutsy breathy vocals further add to the vibe of the tune.

This is an absolutely beautiful collection of songs. Each track stands up on its own as an epic masterpiece while together they create an massive atmospheric journey!


Check out Eliza Hull’s website to find out more!