Melbourne trio Damn Terran have been blasting out their own brand of raw rock for the past few years. This is their debut full length release which shows off their finest hard hitting moments! There is no holding back in this release with each track packing a massive punch full of loud grunt. The band mixes the deep no wave atmosphere of Sonic Youth with the heavy grunge sounds of Nirvana to create an awesome sound that is rocking and atmospheric. On top of this the duel vocal work of Ali E and Lachlan Ewbank provide great character to the music!

From the very beginning the record thrashed out with no punches pulled! Lost is a brilliant alternative rock tune! There is a powerful gritty atmosphere that floats over and takes control until the end. On top of this the melancholic duel vocals adds to the bleak but vivid soundscape! Rebels is a loud and raw garage / punk rock tune. The whole song is a massive blast of energy that doesn’t let up. This is all topped off by Ali E’s aggressive vocals, full of grunt and power they take the song to yet another level! Pills is a fast and furious garage rock tune packed with energy and grunt! The music is completely raw giving it that great rough and ready rock and roll feeling. This is topped off by the solid grungy vocals!

As the album progresses towards the end it gets darker and angrier! The tracks So ordinary and Uncanny Valley verge towards the dark gritty post punk sounds with some some Joy Division-esq moments mixed in with a massive thrashing energetic charge! The album closes with the angsty sounds of In your dreams! Reminiscent of the Cure’s early work the harsh screeching sounds ensure the album finishes with as big a bang as it began with!

There is not a dull moment across this record with every track gives your ears a good beating! In addition they have inter-weaved some amazing melodies into the mix for good measure.  On top of this there is a a massive hazy atmosphere throughout the album that drags you through all manner of dark and unnerving corners! This is the sort of music to get excited about!


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