It’s taken a while but here is the second installment of Top 10s to mark 10 years of Tomatrax. This time we are looking at the best b-sides from the naughties.

B-sides were initially the songs on the flip side of 7-inch singles. The terminology has remained as we’ve moved on to CDs. While many bands will put throwaway tracks not good enough for the album on the b-sides and others simply put 4 different remixes of the single, there are a few bands out there who put in the extra effort to produce quality b-sides such that the singles are worthwhile. There are also cases where bands leave songs off albums not because they are not good enough but because they don’t fit in with the rest of the album. Such tracks end up as b-sides and are often overlooked!

Number Ten

The Doves -Push me on

B-side to Kingdom of rust

Number Nine

My Friend the Chocolate Cake – Without a bolt the rifle’s not a weapon

B-side to Home Improvements

Listen here.

Number Eight

Fear Factory – Frequency

B-side to Linchpin

Number Seven

The Cure – Signal to noise

B-side to Cut here

Number Six

Radiohead – Fog

B-side to Knives out

Number Five

Modest Mouse – The whale song

B-side to Autumn Beds

Number Four

Primitive Radio Gods- Stereo Winter

B-side to Fading Out

Number Three

Sickboy – (other)

B-side to Flying (and was later re-released when Sickboy became Royal Chant)

Number Two

Eels – I write the b-sides

B-side to Souljacker Part 1

Number One

The Whitlams – The curse stops here

B-side to Blow up the pokies