The head of the Flaming Pines label Kate Carr has put out another solo record showing off all manner of imagery through sound. Once again Kate Carr takes off on an epic journey through experimental sounds, textures and field recordings. Across the eleven tracks are a wide variety of interesting sounscapes that create vivid atmosphere transporting you out to various far away lands.

The album opens with the dark but vivid Thunderstorm. The sound of rain pouring down takes main stage here with subtle droning sounds in the background adding to the dark atmosphere. This is followed by the calmer sounds of Not a cloud in sight. The track moves along in a subtle ambient way with the various sounds gradually floating across. The Bats of Centennial Park is a dark and confronting piece. The bat screeching sounds paired with the dark background noises make you feel like you are wondering through the park late at night with the bats flying around. The coral sea is a much brighter and relaxed offering with some clever water sounds to make you feel like you are swimming under the sea! The owls were calling that dark, dark night is a chilling and unnerving piece making you feel like you are wandering through a forest late at night!

This is quite an amazing collection of sounds. Each tracks transports you to a somewhere far away with all the atmosphere and feeling making its way through the music to make you feel like you are actually there. This is a great demonstration of the vivid imagery that can be achieved through sounds!


Check out the album’s bandcamp page to find out more!