Ed Kuepper has been a pioneer in Australian rock fronting The Saints, The Laughing Clowns, and the Aints as well releasing an extensive collection of solo albums. He is currently touring round playing unplugged shows with the set list decided by the audience! Tomatrax spoke to Ed about his current tour and music in general.

You’re about to do a series of “by request” shows, where did you get the idea for this type of show?

I did a spontaneous request show early this year when my band wasn’t able to get to a show. It worked well and there was a lot of energy from the crowd.
So I always wanted to take it around the country

Given your vast catalog will it be hard to remember every song in case it gets requested?

I’ll have to see…..I’m sure I’ll have to skip a couple but sometimes I surprise myself

Is there anything you won’t play even if requested?

I’d like to be open to doing anything I’ve recorded, but there are a few that may not work in the format I’m presenting them in.

The shows are also going to be acoustic, is it hard to transfer the work of the Saints and the Laughing Clowns to the acoustic setting?

Well I started using acoustic guitar on the second Saints album, the third one has heaps of acoustic… and there is quite a bit of acoustic on some of the Clowns albums… so no won’t be a problem at all. In fact some of the songs work equally well in this format.

You’ve been in a number of bands as well as putting out a number of solo albums. How does performing solo compare to being in a band?

you get a lot more space in the dressing room and soundchecks are more fun. The lack of ego clashes gives the proceedings an almost spiritual air as well.

You’ve just finished a tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, what was it like to be playing as part of the Bad Seeds?

It had its moments…

You’ve also working on a new album, what can fans expect from this release?

I haven’t started the actual recording yet so I can’t say too much as things might change, but I’m looking at applying the acoustic approach that I’m using on the current tour.

When is the next album planned to be released?

Hopefully early in the new year

Is it hard to come up with new material each time you start writing a new album?

Sure, tho sometimes more difficult than others

When starting on a new album do you have an idea of what type of sound you are aiming for or does that get worked out as you go?

I go in with a fairly solid idea but it can change as things go on.

Many artists have listed you as a musical influence, what were your major musical influences?

The stuff I’d hear as kid being played around the house by my parents……top 40 radio…and later the odd little records I’d buy when I could afford them.

Do you listen to your own music?

Well I have to professionally, but not for relaxation all that much

What music do you listen to?

Well, I’m currently touring and working on new material, I really don’t listen to much else because I get a bit overloaded.
I prefer to read or watch a film.

What do you plan on doing once the tour is over?

Finishing the new album is kind of top of the list, but I also want to compile something out of the live recordings we’re doing on this tour

Ed Kuepper is touring Australia with his, Solo And By Request shows. Tour dates and details are below. Check out Ed’s Facebook page to find out more!

October 11: The Soundlounge, Gold Coast
Tickets $25.00 + bf from soundlounge.com.au

October 17: Street Theatre, Canberra
Tickets $39.00 inc bf from thestreet.org.au

October 18 & 19: The Vanguard, Sydney
Tickets $30.00 + bf from www.thevanguard.com.au or phone 9557 9049

October 31: Brass Monkey, Cronulla
Tickets $30.00 + bf from brassmonkey.oztix.com.au, phone 9544 3844
or in person at all Oztix outlets and the Venue.

November 1: Lizottes, Central Coast
Tickets Dinner & Show only – $77.00 Main Course & Show, $93.00 2 Course & Show from lizottes.com.au
or phone 4368 2012

November 2: Heritage Hotel, Bulli

Tickets $30.00 + bf from heritagehotel.com.au
or phone 4284 5884.