The Strikers from William Street in Adelaide are back with their third release. This time round they have returned to the EP format and have focused their sound towards the vintage Australian garage rock sound with five lively and energetic rocking tunes.

The EP blasts open with the lively and rocking title track. There is a heap of energy as the band thrash out with a heap of oomph having a lot of fun in the process. So funkn restless is a gritty garage rock tune! The band pour a heap of energy into the track led by some heavy grungy guitars. Sure baby is the ballad of the EP. Sounding somewhere between David Bowie and the Beatles, the track slides along in a smooth fashion courtesy of some mellow vocals and a chilled out soundtrack. Suburban Song is catchy indie rock tune. There’s a great vintage garage feel here with the sound being slightly rough and raw round the edges. At the same time the tunes are infectiously catchy giving it a great upbeat poppy vibe!  The EP closes with the racing high energy Blind Fred E ensuring the release finishes with as big a blast as it began.

The William Street Strikers have continued their charge in this their third release with 5 tracks showcasing their own brand of garage rock! The band manage to infuse raw gritty rock sounds with some infectiously catchy tunes to pull off 5 tracks that are full of energy and a heap of fun!



Check out the William Street Striker’s website to find out more!