There are elements of Radiohead and Elbow and the Triffids in the sound with a great mix of indie, rock, and folk elements. The Darkness Within is an apt title in describing the sound with each track having a great melancholic power to it

The EP opens with the chilling and dark sounds of Words into blindness. The tune begins with the sole vocals of Scott Cousins the deep trembling delivery provides great feeling. The slow indie/folk sounds gradually float into the picture to create a solid backdrop to the despairing Between the sheets takes on a more rocking feel with a rough and gritty feel. As the song progresses the solid violin creates a vivid dusty soundscape. Bones is a soft minimalist indie/folk style tune with the music pushed far into the background allowing the vocals to take center stage. Ruined Minds starts off as a slow and soft folk tune held together by a subtle piano. As the song progresses the piano builds momentum breaking out into a beautiful solo midway because before then lifting the tempo to bring out a vibrant colourful vibe at the end. The EP opens with the 7 minute epic title track, across the track the band explore all manner of sounds flowing in along each other to create a massive finish!

This is yet another great EP from evenjack. Each track is full of passion, emotion, and great atmosphere!


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