2013 marks ten years since Tomatrax came into existence! To mark the occasion we will be posting various Top Tens at irregular points in time across the year.

2013 also marks 100 years since Australia’s National Capital was established! That’s right, the place that has lots of round abouts, public servants and the country’s best ever Rugby team is turning 100! As Canberra is where Tomatrax all begun it seemed fitting to start things off by looking at some of the truly great music that has come out of the city. So here goes….

Number Ten
The Adam Hole and Marji Curran Band – Take it back

Number Nine
Little Smoke – Rocker

Number Eight
Alice SpaceDoll – SpaceDoll

Number Seven
Bedroom Philosopher – I’m so post modern

Number Six
Sidewinder – Titanic Days

Number Five
Henry’s Anger – Fate Says

Number Four
Liquid – Abdul’s Secret Movie

Number Three
Doug Anthony All Stars – I Want to Spill the blood of a hippy!

Number Two
Michael Cullen – Transmission

Number One
Falling Joys – Lock It