Ambidextrous is the brain child of Moscow’s Nick Zavriev. This is his latest release showing off a collection of chilled ambient electronic sounds. Across the album is a smooth spacey atmosphere, the sounds and textures drift through in a very calm and subdued manner with occasional detours into more dancy poppy scenes. There’s a very strong spacey atmospheric vibe throughout the 8 tracks, all of which would work perfectly as a soundtrack to a sci-fi film. There are elements of Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield and Robert Mills all mixed in to the sound. The tracks are all quite long ranging from 5 to 12 minutes. This allows all the ideas in the songs to be fully explored and realised and at times sees the songs go off in unexpected and unique directions. There isn’t so much a structure to the songs but rather they are have a fluid existence allowing them to take on whatever shape or suits at the time, making for a very interesting listen the whole way through.

The opening track Arp in the fridge travels through various sounds , starting with a slow ambient vibe it gradually builds to take on a poppy vibe while retaining the chilled out and spacey atmosphere. Saint John’s mood has a certain Dark Side of the Moon feel to it with a great use of sounds and effects creating a vivid intergalactic sound scape. Naukograd starts off in a dark and unnerving fashion but gradually brightens up to take on a smooth feel and a rather infectious beat before then warming down and returning to a chilled out feel. School of dub has a dark chilling vibe making you feel like you are traveling an uncharted and unknown area of space. Tiangong starts out with a chilled out soundscape and some droney industrial beats, as the track progresses the industrial elements gradually build creating a tense and eerie feel. El Mundo Electronico sees subtle tunes gently float along one another, held together with some smooth keyboard tunes that gradually pick up pace and take over to create a poppy feel towards the end. Short Wave Dweller sees the experimentation reach its climax with all manner of droney sound effects going off. This flows in smoothly to the trip hop beats of Rainspotting, closing the album off nicely!

This is a brilliant collection of experiential tunes. The 8 tracks work well together to create a continuous spacey and chilled out long player. At the same time they each work well on their own as great individual journeys.   This is the perfect record to de-stress and relax to!


Check out Ambidextrous’a bandcamp page to find out more!