Melbourne’s The Pretty Littles have just released their second EP, I Am Not From A Small Town. Jack Parsons from the band spoke to Tomatrax about the release.


Where did the name The Pretty Littles come from?
It is mentioned very briefly in the Beatles song I Am The Walrus. But I cant remember if I knew that before we named the band or not. In any event, it’s a crap name.

According the the bio, the EP was done in 2 and a half days, how did you manage to get it done that quickly?
Well it wasn’t that stressful. We didn’t have much money, and recording costs endless amounts of money.. so we could only afford 2 and a half days in the studio. And we tracked all live which cuts out a lot of time. I don’t think it’s that quickly is it? I dunno.

The EP has a narrative running through it, did you plan this out before you started writing the songs?
Ummm sort of. It was something I wanted to do… actually na, it was something that became apparent once a few of the songs were written… then I it was just about putting the songs in an order which explained it best.

Was the story behind the EP based on anyone in particular?
Na. About a whole lot of people. The guy on the front of the CD represents a little pocket of humanity.

You opened for two bands on the one night, how did this come about?
The bands were The Mess Hall and The Fumes, who are two of my absolute all time bands… So it was a bit of having our cake and eating every last bit of icing too.

Was it hard to make it to both gigs?
Na we were opening The Mess Hall and top support at The Fumes, which was at the espy and they play bands real late. Relatively stress free.

You’ve now released two EPs, are there any plans for an album?
Maybe an album next year.. I’d say mini EP before that though. We’ll see.

You’ve entered music on Triple J’s Unearthed, has this had any impact on your music’s coverage?
No idea. I’d say so. At very least I’d say Triple J at least know we exist.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
I do just after we’ve finished a new batch of recordings. It makes me proud.

What other music do you listen to?
The Vasco Era, Black Rebel, Dan Kelly, Deer Tick, Japandroids, The Harlots, Explosions in the sky

What do you have planned in 2013?
Get famous and snort drugs of hookers titties. Duh.

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