Iluka has returned with her latest single Delores & the Business Man. Tomatrax caught up with Iluka to ask her about her music!

What made you decide to adopt the stage name Iluka rather than continuing to use your actual name?
My music is about creating a world, a fantasy land, a place to where I can essentially escape. For me the ILUKA name embodies that…

Where did the name Iluka come from?
A character, a story, rooted in its meaning ‘near the sea’…

Do you consider your previous work released under your own name to be part of the Iluka collection or as a separate project?
It’s all a part of my collection.  As a songwriter you progress – the stuff released under my own name was music I wrote at a certain time, that captured that moment in time, but is still definitely a strong part of who I am and what I write now.

Was the character Delores in your latest single based on anyone in-particular?
Delores takes her inspiration from different characters. I have always been inspired by the rebels and the misfits in film and literature. Characters like Scarlett O’Hara, Juliet Hardy, Holden Caulfield, Yossarian and Gidget just to name a few. I guess to me she is someone who represents that desire for something more than society can seemingly offer…

You launched your latest single at FBi Radio’s Supporter Drive After Party, how did the gig go?
It went swimmingly. I love playing with the band and there was a great energy about the night. A lot of fun!

Your songs often present interesting characters, where do you get your inspiration for them?
French cinema, silent films, beat poetry, pop art, Disney, Greek mythology, my dad’s stories, dreams, film noir, Hollywood’s Golden Age, the Summer of Love.

Over your past releases your music has covered various styles and sounds, do you have a certain style in mind when writing your music or do you work it out as you go?
No I never sit down and think I want to write a song that fits into a certain style. My listening tastes are as diverse as cabaret, samba, soul, ska and flamenco… I guess that means that the styles and sounds I create are constantly changing and developing. For me music is about being stimulated by new sounds and experiences; it’s about feeding the desire and the yearning for something new, something more.

You have also covered different vocal styles amongst your songs, how do you decide what vocal delivery to use for each song?
Do I? I guess I sing whatever feels right for that song. I like to put a lot of emotion and character and soul into what I sing. To sing real gutsy with big breaths from the lungs then to pull back to almost a whisper…perhaps it is all about portraying the different sides of me – the gutsy, confident but then the vulnerable lonely child. I want it all to come across because that’s what music is…a reflection of the soul.

What was the inspiration behind the video clip for Paper Doll?
I mainly wanted to do a behind the scenes kind of vibe to capture my personality and introduce myself. It just seemed fitting for the vibe of the song.

You’ve put out two singles since your last EP, are there plans to put out another EP or album?
Yes indeed. I am actually still recording for my next release but lets just say exciting things are in the works…

What was it like to play support act for Icehouse?
It was awesome. Playing to a sold out Enmore Theatre was something I won’t forget for a while 🙂

What do you have planned for 2013?
Touring, releasing new songs, new videos. It is definitely going to be a busy one!!

Check out Iluka’s Facebook or Unearthed pages to hear her songs!