This is the debut release from Estonian hard rockers Estoner. Full of energetic riffs and great energetic vibes it shows great promise! Estoner infuses elements of psychedelic, stoner, and prog rock into their sound to create some amazing sounds. The tracks are all quite long ranging from 5 to 10 minutes allowing the various ideas to be fully explored and realised. This makes for a great rocking journey with all manner of twists, turns and speedy blasts! This is topped off with some solid echoing vocals reminiscent of Maynard James Keenan.

The album blasts open with the rocking dirty guitar sounds of Greenseeker. There are elements of Led Zeppelin and early Pink Floyd explored across the track with all sorts of experimentation along the way. The lead guitar roars past with amazing power and energy. Meet the abyss has a solid psychedelic / rhythm and blues feel to it. It starts in a calm soulful manner with the sounds gradually building in depth to develop a thick hypnotic atmosphere. Darth Vader has a hangover shows off the bands sense of humour with the narrative of Darth Vader telling Luke Skywalker he is his father while seeming to question how it occurred. This is backed up with a great droning metal soundtrack. Stump is a slow but heavy rock tune with some sharp guitar blasts! LSD Vampyr sees the sound get heavier and louder with elements of Helmet and Kyuss thrown in for good measure. This is topped off with a brilliant guitar solo towards the end! The album closes with the 10 minute epic Mindweasles.

This is a brilliant album full of hard hitting and energetic blasts of rock. Each track is full of rocking energy with a thick layer of atmosphere and all sorts of interesting ideas explored in between. This is the sort of rock that is worth getting excited about!


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