Following the international success of their self titled debut album of 2012, the Electric Empire are back with their latest single. There is a vintage 1970s soul vibe across the songs with elements of Stevie Wonder, Curtus Mayfiend and Otis Reading sprinkled throughout the sound. At the same time they achieve a certain fresh feeling as they stamp their own mark on the soul style.

 Changin’ is  a smooth blend of soul and indie elements. The music is really slick with great controlled energy. The deep soulful vocals are really powerful and add to the songs depth! Taking it high is a faster and more rocking affair. The tunes are really tight and energetic with a great active life about them. Hello Mr Morning is a soft Otis Reading-esq tune. There is a cool laid back feel to it infused with a light jazzy vibe. The EP closes with the soft and chilled sounds of Love performed live.

This is a very nice offering with 4 very tight tracks full of colour and life. If you want to hear some new soul music then this is the single for you!


Check out the bands webpage or Unearthed page to hear more!