Legendary Australian punk rock band the Hard Ons are about to hit the road. We caught up with lead singer and guitarist Peter “Blackie” Black to ask some questions.

You’ve been playing together for a long while now and are still putting out records every few years,  what is the band’s secret to its longevity?
That’s easy it’s LOVE!! Music is very very… ahhh actually don’t wanna get too corny or personal but MUSIC is something very special indeed!! 
Given the large back catalog of music you’ve already produced is it hard to come up with new material?
No. Not really…
You’re about to tour round Australia,  what can fans expect from your show?
LOVE!! Haha, oh you know the usual Hard-Ons stuff!! Catchy and excellent rock and roll played like there’s no tomorrow!!
That and shirtless brow beating frenzy while under the influence of strong black, and i mean the BLACKEST COFFEE! 
You’ve been working on a reissue of Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts, what sort of extras will be on the reissue?
Quite a bit for this one… Sessions that have never been heard including a version of the album done at a different studio.. we are trying to make these reissues DEFINITIVE!! As crammed as possible; as music nerds ourselves we know what WE want when we buy “deluxe” versions… so live, demos and alternate mixes. Plus I have always found this album a little muddy.. the remastering will be set on BLAST mode!! 
What’s it like to revisit the music you made for the album?
It’s nice.. it’s something I rarely do, so at times its an unexpected treat and… a giggle! To hear ya self at a younger age…. hahaha CUTE!!
Are there any plans to reissue any of your other albums?
Yes of course after the LIABFOWH’s we have YUMMY and TOO FAR GONE. That’s it, as all our other albums are still available. These early records have been unavailable for a while so we wanted to fix that.
Are there any plans for a new Hard Ons record?
Yes of course! that’s the part i always love the most!! the “next one”! we have loads of new songs but cause we have to change drummers we had to spend time rehearsing/learning the oldies.. I,m guessing the next album wont come until after the very last reissue of Too Far Gone.. but it,ll be soon after! 
You put out your second solo album this year, how does working solo compare with playing with the Hard Ons?
Solo is very different .. its very challenging playing “by yaself” and making it work.. I really really dig it and wish i started years ago. Man, to explain the difference would take me a while but… its very raw and intimate. I’m also digging that there are no overheads – meaning that i can work on a song in the arvo and then play it live that night.
Your solo work has quite a different sound to your work with the Hard Ons,  was it intentional to do something completely different?
That’s a perplexing question! Some people are puzzled that it doesn’t sound hard-onsy but… why would I do it then?
Do you ever listen to your own music?
Yes and no! When I’m working on something I’m constantly “listening” to it.. but when its recorded and done, never.
What music do you listen to?
Do you have all day?? And did I mention we are music nerds! Man music is so goddam gorgeous .. lets see this week I’ve been into a fair bit of Shellac as i just saw em live and loved it. And been playing Dopesmoker by SLEEP as well. Yesterday i got the Dicks, Poision Idea and an album by these two guys called Donnie and Joe Emerson on vinyl. And i’ve also been enthralled by a Brazilian band from the 60’s called Os Mutantes. Last week i went through an early Killing Joke phaze. Who needs telly when there is soooooooooooo much sweet stuff out there like this!!
What do you plan on doing after the tour?
Back to work to pay the rent!
The Hard Ons’ tour dates are below. Check out their website to find out more.

Friday, 30th November 2012

SYDNEY, The Sando – NSW

w/ Vaz (USA) & Dead

Moshtix:  1300 GET TIX (438 849); www.moshtix.com.au  Tix: $14 pre & $18 door

Saturday, 1st December 2012

NEWCASTLE, Cambridge Hotel – NSW

Moshtix:  1300 GET TIX (438 849); www.moshtix.com.au & www.bigtix.com

Tix: $12 pre & $15 door

Friday, 14th December 2012

MELBOURNE, Northcote Social Club – VIC

w/ The Spazzys, Dead


Tix: $14 pre & $16 door

Saturday, 15th December 2012

ADELAIDE, Enigma Bar – SA

w/ Shit Magnet

Door sales only  Tix: $15 door