Newcastle’s stoner rock four piece The Owls have returned with their second EP. Picking up where they left off in their 2010 debut, this EP is full of hard hitting rock. This time round they have further refined their sound with great depth and a more solid sound produced.

The EP opens with the slower more grinding sounds of Better off deaf. The guitars put out a great wall of sound that builds up around. The hazy John Garcia-esq vocals add to the overall atmosphere of the tune. Take me alive is a  rough and ready  blast or energy. The fast and firey guitars make for a thumping tune that gets your head banging from the word go! The title track is a dirty and menacing blusey tune. The cool baseline creates a dark atmosphere that is further enhanced by Joshua Bailey’s deep vocals. Memo is a slow chilling tune led by a low grungy guitar. The pace soon picks up with the racing sounds of Space invaders. The music flies past with massively catchy riffs that grab you and drag you along for the ride. The EP closes with the dark and creepy Comprende. The blusey guitars paired with Josh Bailey’s drawling vocals and sharp lyrics make for a powerfully confronting tune!

This is yet another great release from the Owls. Each track is full of great power, rocking energy, and a lot of character. This EP has shown the The Owls continue to get stronger and further refine their sound.


Check out The Owls webiste to find out more.