Will and the People are an energetic ska influenced 5 piece from London. This is their second full length album. On it is a great mix of ska, reggae, pop, and rock in the band’s sound with each working well to complement the other. There is a heap of colour and live in each track with infectiously catchy tunes that will get everyone up and dancing!  The music creates a vivid and endearing soundscape. This is topped off Will Rendle’s vocals. His bright, cheerful and slightly offbeat delivery gives the music a great distinctive sound.

The albums bursts open with the racing Specials reminiscent Holiday.   Masterpieces is a slower more melancholic offering with the bridge section almost resembling something from The Cure.  It then picks up towards the end with an epic sing-a-long at the end. Sensimilla is a slow reggae tune, the tunes lightly groove along in a very laid back and chilled out fashion. 100,000 times before moved from a charge of roaring rock tune to a chilled out reggae vibe, the two contrasts allowing each other to be fully realised. Yellow is a cute and catchy pop tune led by Will’s witty and cleverly crafted lyrics and backed by a really cool baseline. The album closes with the soft piano driven Dreamer.

This is a great collection of brilliantly crafted pop tunes that have everything required to make any of them standout radio singles. At the same time they have a colourful quirkiness. If you liked the works of Madness or the Specials and want to hear a new slant on the ska sound then this album is for you!



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