This is the debut EP from Sydney’s 3 piece Tokyo Denmark Sweden. There is a great spacey atmosphere throughout the tracks making you feel as if you are going on an intergalactic journey over the course of the EP . This is further enhanced with an energetic vibe and some infectiously catchy tunes.

When it breaks is a dance pop tune that sounds like Little Birdy mixed with Underworld. Time the tunes are really catchy and upbeat topped off with some lively vocals! The solid atmosphere gives the song great depth. Lights off is a poppy tune in the vein of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or the Cassette Kids. The tunes are really catchy and would work brilliantly on the dance floor. The vocals are really charming and finish the song off nicely! Paper Sails is a slower more laid back tune. The music floats along nicely with those Pink Floyd-esq synth sounds holding things together. The prog-rock synth sounds continue with Comets. This sees the spacey vibe hit its climax with the clever echoing vocals giving the song and extra layer of depth. The EP closes with the single Little Quarters. This is the most dancy track on the record with a heap of scratches and catchy beats ensuring the EP finished on a great high!

This is a fantastic EP full of lively tunes and a brilliant soundscape. If you like the work of Gerling , BifTek or Sci-Fi Pop in general then you should listen to this!


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