The latest EP from Melbourne’s Suzie Stapleton provides yet another blast of raw and passionate rock at its finest! There are elements of everything from the Cure to Mellissa Etheridge mixed into the sound all of which are put together in Suzie’s own way to create something of her own. Her gutsy voice is the dominant element to the music and gives each song a massive energetic charge.

The EP opens with the  massive graveling blusey rock tune My cons are making me a cripple! There is all manner of layering here creating a thick and heavy atmosphere! Suzie’s Melissa Etheridge like vocals allow the song to charge along with great guts!
Song of The Arestian Water has a darker and more unnerving feel to it. The music is subtle yet chaotic creating a massive atmosphere making you feel like you are stumbling along in the middle of the outback.
Bring Back The Night sounds something like what The Cure’s Disintegration album would if Siouxsie Sioux was on vocals. The slow roaring guitars create a massive sound that gradually build in pace and energy as the song progresses, climaxing with a amazing ball of energetic guitar rock towards the end.  This track also shows Suzie’s vocals at their best, pushing out all sorts of notes and holding them with phenomenal guts, she is able to layer on a heap of power and emotion!
Hit is a  slow melancholy rock ballad! The slow droning guitars create a thick stoner rock atmosphere that gradually builds in energy to hit a massive solo towards the end. This is topped off by Suzie’s gravelly vocals full of passion and adjusting as the song’s intensity builds!
The EP closes with slow blusey, The last note. The guitars create a hazy country-like atmosphere which are lead by some more subdues vocals acting as a great warm down to end the EP.

This is a brilliant EP that  sees Suzie show off her gutsy voice full of strength and emotion backed with roaring guitars. Each track works as a powerful rock ballad full of energy and atmosphere!


Check out Suzie Stapleton’s website to find out more!