While MP3s are the dominant medium for music these days the old fashioned vinyl still finds its way into the frame. The latest example of this is this”split vinyl” effort from Kate Carr from the Flaming Pines & Gail Priest of Metal Bitch Recordings. The concept is similar to Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma with each artist taking up one side of the “record” exploring a different colour and the audio experimentation behind the colour. The music shows elements of early Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, and Enya. with each side working as its own concept piece.

Side one, the Blue side, features 4 tracks from Kate Carr. The tracks all flow together as one piece that provides an audio journey through the deep blue see. As the sounds flow on it’s hard not to be lost in the atmosphere and feel like  you are drafting along on the journey. Side one opens with A sailor’s chant. The experimental sounds gradually drift by in a manner that is both chilled out while eerily confronting. The textures paint a vibrant soundscape making you feel like you are traveling through an isolated part of the ocean. A slow tide follows. The slow chiming bells adds to the chilly vibe while the slow moving sounds create a feeling of floating along slowly forming waves.  An inky night sees what little light there was in the previous tracks disappear as the journey enters dust and beyond. The static sounds at the start show off the feeling of isolation with no one at the other end of the radio. From there on the sounds become calmer and soothing. The blue side ends with the blended Perhaps a greeny blue that sees the ocean approach the land. Here the music is more vibrant with the isolated feeling gradually fading as the sounds of chirping birds fly into the scene.

Side two, the Green side, features 4 tracks from Gail Priest. This is a slightly brighter soundscape to be explored. The side opens with the 90 second Transmissions. The track features a mix of static sounds which insect noises in the background. Randolf’s dream flows on. The is a early morning misty feeling flowing through the track with various animal noises coming in and out making you feel like you are traveling through farmlands in late winder. The slight charismatic vocals holds the various sounds together. Ghost gum is a darker piece with the subtle chilling sounds making you feel like you are traveling through the Australian bush in the middle of night. There are various sounds of animals wondering about in a manner where they can be heard but not quite seen. The vocals add to the eerie feel.  The side closes with Glue Breen, where the vibrance gradually becomes darker and the land gradually descends back into water thus completing the cycle of colours. There

This is a fascinating release  that demonstrates the powerful journeys that can be experienced through sound. This is very much an album that needs to be heard in full to be fully appreciated (or at least each side in full). However those that take on the journey will discover some amazing experiences!


Check out the album’s webpage to find out.