Sydney’s Regular John have returned with their second full length album. On the album they have put forward a collection of energetic and experimental atmospheric sounds. There is everything from stoner, garange, shoegaze and psychedelic rock covered across the album, with the various elements working together to create a massive all encapsulating sound. There’s a lot of experimentation and exploration across the album. In a lot of the tracks, once the poppy moments are done the band start a jamming covering garage and spacey rock elements in the process. In each case this gives the song a new lease of light and keeps things interesting and unpredictable as they go off in all sorts of directions allowing each songs potential to be fully realised.

The album opens with the slow droning sounds of Sky Burial. There is a great mix of stoner and psychedelic rock creating a solid and thick atmosphere. There is a cool spacey jam towards the end of the song that adds an extra layer of depth to the sound. Strange flower sees the music move towards the psychedelic vibe with a solid shoegazer vibes flowing on top. The music races around with a heap of energy while having that laid back shoegazey feel. Slume is a rough and raw garage rock style tune, the rough sounds are contrasted brilliantly with soft and calm Beatle-esq vocals with the two styles working off each other to great effect.  Time machine is a rough and ready punk rock tune, the song races along with great grit and energy! Crystal ball is a heavy no wave style tune. The vocals are pushed to the back while the hazy atmosphere gradually gets thicker and more intense as the song progresses. San Isidore is a catchy poppy tune in the vein of Ride’s more catchy and upbeat moments. The album closes with the slower sounds of Devil’s Face. The chilled and stripped back sounds act as a warm down to the energetic blasts that had been experiences over the previous tracks.

This album opens with a massive blast and doesn’t let up until the very end. Each track in itself is an epic journey through sound while they all work together in creating a brilliant long player. In this album Regular John have displayed their phenomenal musical depth that shows signs of more great things to come.


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