Former Butterfingers’ front man Evil Eddie is about to release his debut full length album. This is the latest single from the forthcoming album!

Golden Age is quite a savage attack on rap music today while being nostalgic about the rap music of old. The music does indeed have the same power and charm as the early rap music that he his tipping his hat to. There are smooth beats which are topped with solid and passionate rapping.  The single also features an Old School Remix, as well as  instrumental, A Capella and radio edited versions of the song. The Old School Remix has a slightly more vintage sound in the background but generally sounds much the same as the original version while the instrumental and A Capella versions see the music and vocals split up into two tracks.

Evil Eddie has put forward another groovy tune that suggests great things from his forthcoming album, however this is effectively an EP with one song played 5 times. The instrumental and A Capella versions might be useful for anyone who wants to create their own bedroom remix of the song. However this EP is really one for the hard core fan that need to own everything while everyone else should wait for the full length album to come out.


Check out Evil Eddie’s Website to find out more!