The is the debut release from Melbourne based 4 piece Rain Party. Packed with energy, power and emotion this EP rocks out hard from begining to end!

Caught in a daze is a thumping rock tune reminiscent of Nitocris. The band belt out the tunes with a heap of energy and aggression. This is topped by some powerful charging vocals! The surfy sounds toward the end finish the song off nicely! Stay is a slow and heavy rock tune sounding like the Bengals crossed with The Cure. The slow droney riffs create a thick atmosphere that holds you in to the end. Whisper A slow grungey / shoegazey offering in the vein of Sonic Youth or Veruka Salt. The heavy guitars allow the song to have a great energy while being slow and chilled at the same time. The dual vocals are really effective and complement the soundtrack brilliantly! Whisper is a much louder and faster affair seeing the bank rock out in a solid garage rock style. The EP ends the darker sounds of Die covering a mix of Shadow-esq guitars with occasional blasts of energy, ensuring the EP ends with as much grunt as it began with!

This is a great rocking EP. Each track is full of energy with a great mix of fast, heavy, and more chilled moments! This is some very promising chick rock!


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