Not long after releasing their debut EP Tenth Oar, Hanetration are back with their follow up EP. This sees the outfit continue their droney sounds mixing everything they can find to create an interesting and engaging hybrid of sounds. On the whole the music sounds like Pink Floyd’s  more experimental and avant-guard moments fleshed out to take on their own life!

The EP opens with the spacey ambient sounds of Jurassic. The gentle but solid drum beat holds the experimental industrial sounds together as the song goes on a slow but steady intergalactic journey.  Splinter is a soft piece with interesting contrast of soft ambient vibes and a more chaotic shaky beats and scratches coming in on top. The two work well to create a soothing piece with a lot of interesting and unpredictable activity. Sixth is a soft and chilled out tune. The subtle sounds flowing in and out create a laid back and relaxing feel. The EP closes with the more menacing and intense sounds of Flicker. The tension gradually builds as the song progresses with buzzing like sounds pouring in on top of each other.

This is another great release from Hanetration. The creative and imaginative experimentation in sounds makes this stand up as one of the most unique collections of music around!


Check out Hanetration’s bandcamp page to hear the EP.