Frankie Rose has been involved in a number of Brooklyn acts including Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls and Crystal Stiles. This is her second solo album and it shows her fully break out and do her own thing, and do it with great power! The music infuses bright poppy  tunes with spacey chilled out atmospheric vibes. The result is a collection of infectiously catchy tunes that also have great depth and a vibrant sounscape that will allow you to drift off on a interstellar  journey.

The album opens with the spacey and poppy title track. There is a great mix of chilled ambiance and massive blasts of energy while the thick atmosphere gives off a feeling of traveling through space with a mix of quiet and intense experiences.  Know me is a curious upbeat tune with a echoing background vibe sounding like the Cure’s poppy and darker moments all at once!  Gospel/Grace is a gorgeous tune with a Beach Boys-esq feel to it, topped off with some amazing harmonies towards the end.  Had we had it is a faster tune led by a tight bass line with echoing vocals coming in and out of the sound with great contrasting effect. Pair of wings is a more melancholy affair, the dark vocals and the chilling backdrop make for a beautifully moving piece.  Night swim is a heavier more aggressive tune in the vein of The Cure’s early ’80s music while having a sweet charm at the same time! The album closes with the dark, violin driven The Fall. The track opens with great intensity to then gradually mellow out closing the album in a very chilled fashion.

This is a gorgeous collection of songs full of poppy tunes while also having a powerful spacey atmosphere. As a result each track on offer would work as a charming radio hits while also having the depth that will provide something new to be discovered upon each listen!


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