Melbourne’s exciting new shoegaze rockers Heavy Beach have returned with their second single! We caught up with lead singer and guitarist Ali E to ask her about the band’s music!

How did the band form?

The band started as a two piece, with drums, guitar and a loop pedal and some vocals. Then we got a bass player, and we ditched the loop pedal.

Where did the name Heavy Beach come from?

Beach Boys was already taken and we felt really down and heavy because of it – so we came up with Heavy Beach. And we wanted to add another beach band name to the already growing list of beach band names.

What was the inspiration behind the cover for the Good Intentions single?

A friend of mine, by the name of George, came up with the artwork. He is a genius with creating weird pictures of exploding abdomens, crazy horses with button eyes, headless robots in suits, fanged rabbits riding bikes  – we thought it suited the band. Not that we look like that, but we like weird things.

Where did you get the idea to wear leis at the launch for the single?

The Hawaiian lei idea simply came from the fact that we were playing with a band called Ocean Party so we decided to make the launch a beach party in the middle of winter! There were beach balls and all that crazy stuff but the bar staff took them and deflated them because people were throwing them at the lights. Was probably a bad idea.

What are your live shows like?

It depends… we still jam out the end of most of our songs so we never know how it’s going to end… most of it is amazing though.

Where did the title 1963 come from?

It is basically what the song is about. The song describes a scene from a film in 1963 – although, it doesn’t specifically have to be 1963, it just needs to be a year from the 1960s. The number ‘3’ is easy to rhyme with other words. Anyway, so the song is a reflection on films and society in the 60s and how they compare with popular culture and society today.

You’re working on your debut album, how is that coming along?

It’s now going to be an EP but it’s going to be released as a 10 inch vinyl! It’s coming along pretty well just in final mixing stages and we’ll be launching it in November in Melbourne and hopefully Sydney.

Do you know what it will be called?

Not yet! We like to leave name making till the last minute to see what we come up with in moments of stress.

How will the rest of the upcoming release compare to your first two singles?

Pretty similar. There will be 6 songs for the EP and hopefully it will show the diversity of the band. There’s a good mix of cleaner, repetitive songs and heavier, psychedelic songs. We recorded them all in a warehouse a little while ago and have just worked with what came out of that session.

You’ve entered both your singles on Triple J’s Unearthed, has this had an impact on your music’s coverage?

For 1963 it was great because a lot of the announcers liked it. Who knows what they’ll like and what they won’t like. I suppose 1963 is more radio friendly than some of our other songs, which is odd because it is one of the most repetitive songs that we have! But yes the impact that it had for us initially has been pretty good – we had people coming to our gigs purely from hearing it played on JJJ. So it helps to reach a wider audience.

All three of you are involved in a number of other bands, given these commitments it is hard to work as Heavy Beach?

Sometimes. We’ve just all become really good at getting doppelgangers and we are in the process of trying out a few clones. We always figure out something.

Have you ever thought of doing a festival with all the other bands you’re involved with playing on the one bill?

HA! That would be great and self-indulgent. Perhaps we should try it.

Check out the band’s webpage to find out more!