It’s now been over 2 decades since this classic album came out! To mark this anniversary the album has been re-released with the added bonuses of the tracks from the Twisterella and  Leave them all behind EPs as well as their Live at Brixton Academy film on DVD.

This was a major landmark album for the early 90s that saw the band follow up their phenomenal debut Nowhere with  further development of their signature tune that would ultimately influence many bands to come! The tracks all flow together to create an epic journey of a long player while at the same time the songs explore all manner of styles and sounds with heavy rock, subdued atmosphere and infectiously catchy pop moments all finding their way into the album somewhere.

The album opens with an epic shoe gaze master piece in Leave them all behind. The 8 minute track creates the all encapsulating atmosphere that allows you to casually drift off, helped along by the droning but chilled guitars while held together with Laurence Colbert’s smooth yet tight drumming! The detached dual vocals from Mark Gardner and Andy Bell add to the hazy drifting vibe that sets the scene for the album!
Twisterella is the perfect pop song delivered with a hazy distortion edge. The music is bright and poppy, the tunes are infectiously catchy while on top of this there is some amazing musical depth explored in the track.
Not fazed is a heavier rocking tune. The dirty guitar riffs exert massive energy allowing the song to charge along. The subtle psychedelic undertones give the song a unique charm. Chrome waves has a darker feel to it, the echoing sounds creating a chilling but vibrant atmosphere.
Mouse Trap is an upbeat energetic pop tune with great contrasts of blasting balls of rock a and calm vocal moments flowing together smoothly.
Cool your boots sees all the great Ride elements mixed together allowing them to hit their shoegaze climax! The heavy guitars produce a massive wall of sound that surrounds the listener and takes them to a far away land!
Making Judy Smile is a charming pop rock tune sounding like The Beatles might have if Sonic Youth mixed their sound.
The album closes in a similar fashion to how it opened, with an epic hazy journey, this time in the form of OX4. The music drifts along dreamily before then gradually fading away.

The bonus tracks on the reissue show off some additional gems that many would have missed first time round. From the Twisteralla EP there are the charming and vibrant pop tunes of Going Blank Again and Howard Hughes and the show and droney sounds of Stampede. From the Leave them all behind EP are is the 11 minute experimental instrumental  Grasshopper as well as a radio edit of Leave them all behind.

This is an absolutely phenomenal album that sounds just as amazing now as it did some 20 years ago. While fans of Ride will already own a copy of the album the bonus tracks and bonus DVD provide even the biggest Ride completest with something new! For those into the hazy sounds of Snow Patrol or  this is an absolute must have album!


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