This is the debut album from Melbourne 7-piecezard King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.  The album explores all manner of contrasting styles, sometimes all at once. There is a strong psychedelic vibe flowing throughout the album. There are also elements of punk, grunge, blues, and pop explored across the tracks. The result is something that is very unique and strangely endearing. There is a heap of energy throughout the songs while at the same time there are all sorts of interesting twists to keep everything interesting. The songs are all quite short allowing each to provide a short and hard burst of energy without going stale.,

Elbow is a curious mix of dirty punk and experimental psychedelic rock, the result is a fast and furious anthem that had all sorts of experimental sounds going off in the background! Muckraker is a mixed bag of a song moving from poppy, grunge and punk moments all infused together with a psychedelic atmosphere. The title track has a loud and heavy blues sound with faint vocals very far into the background . Garage Liddiard sounds like what a collaboration between Iggy Pop and Syd Barrett might sound like. There are hard, fast and raw sounds with a strange experimental twist to them. High hopes low is a racing country western tune with a strange spacey twist. The chaotic harmonicas mixed with the spacey sound effects give off a strange atmosphere as if you are racing through a country town in the middle of the night. Cut throat boogie continues with this vibe and sees the sound get faster and more chaotic! The album closes with the Australian Football rock anthem aptly titled “footy footy”.

This is a massive assault of sounds that doesn’t let go until the very end. Each track thrashes out with a charge of raw energy, at the same time there are all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds going off in every direction. This is the sort of album that may take a few listens to really appreciate but those open to new sounds will find something utterly amazing!


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