Damn Robot! is the project of brothers Rob (Inachus, Oceanus) and Tom (Good Weather For An Airstrike) Honey. This album has the chilled out ambient vibes that was on show in Good Weather for an airstrikes music. However, the music here is much more melodic! There is a massive variety of sounds and styles explored over the album with everything from trip-hop to stoner rock finding its way into the mix somewhere along the line. Each track has its own twists and turns keeping things unpredictable and intriguing. Most of the songs are quite long allowing for the various ideas to be fully explored and realises!

The album opens with I think you’re Harry. This is an endearing prog-rock style track in the vein of Mike Oldfield. There is a chilled ambient vibe flowing through the song which backs up some cool drum sounds and a vibrant melody.

Close the door is a light and vibrant tune. The music drifts along playfully with rather quiet vocals acting as more of a background sound. The guitars in the middle of the song are like a subtle but warming raw of sunshine that further enhances the brightness of the tune.

The one who knocks is a groovy jazz number with a  dark background to it. Once again the vocals are pushed to the back. The intensity gradually grows with a massive blast of rock going off in the middle of the track before calming back down.

Play the Banjo, Steve-O is an industrial / trip hop style track with various movie samples going off, held together with some scratches and drum beats.

I’m trying to freeze sounds closest to Tom Honey’s Good Wheather for an airstrike music. Laid back and ambient the music floats by at a slow and relaxed pace making you feel like you are floating around in the air.

Drop in the ocean is a heavier, almost rocking, shoegaze style tune. The Gentleman Callers is a slow subdued tune sounding like a slower version of Robert Miles.

The album closes with the short and sweet hip-hop / trip hop sounds of Regarding Anna, giving the album one last twist at the end!

This is a brilliant album full of intriguing musical exploration, endearing melodies, and beautifully vivid soundscapes.  For those after a relaxing but epic musical journey this album is for you!


Listen to the album using the player below or check out the album’s bandcamp page to find out more!