This is the debut EP from Sydney 4 piece the deerRepublic. Mixing lively dance vibes with indie pop tunes they have come up with a collect collection of songs that suggest bigger things ahead!

Young Reverie is a smooth and solid indie tune with elements of the Arcade Fire and Snow Patrol mixed in. The song glides along nicely with some catchy tunes and occasional outbursts of energy. The Score is a catchy pop tune sounding like a slightly more rock version of Duran Duran. There’s a certain laid back vibe to it combined with some bright and charming tunes. This results in a slick and likable song. Sometimes is a racy pop tune with some shoegazy undertones sounding similar to the Teenage Fan Club. The EP closes with the lively  and melodic Two Hands.

This is a solid EP with each track offering something slightly different and pulling off the sound with great energy and pizzazz!  This debut offering suggests that there are bigger things ahead and that deerRepublic are a band worth looking out for!



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