Caught In The Wake Forever is the work of Scottish based artist Fraser McGowan. This album was born after Fraser suffered a complete mental breakdown last year, following a life-long battle with chronic anxiety.

There is no doubt this is a very personal records with every deep and dark emotion being put out on display for all to see. Mr McGowan really pours  his emotions and feelings out into the audio leaving nothing bottled up. The result is a powerfully emotional journey though pain, anxiety, depression and isolation. You can almost feel the emotions coming out though the speakers as the music progresses. The music is quite simple in parts and in a lot of places it feels very rough and scratchy but really that is what makes the music achieves what it does. With every scratch and imperfect note comes the honest character of the music.

Scottish Grief is a beautiful chilled out and ambient tune. It takes a while to get started and indeed travels along at a relaxed slow pace. In the last 3 minutes of the 10 minute song some heavy industrial sounds start to take over creating a whole new and much more confronting atmosphere. The Quiet Beauty Of The Northern Lakes is a dark acoustic folk like tune reminiscent of some of the Eels’ most dark moments. The breathy whispered vocals are delivered in such a way that the anxiety and pain portrayed in the lyrics is rushing out and in your face making for a massive heartfelt experience. Waiting rooms and chemists is a phenomenally powerful and confronting instrumental. The collection of simple sounds work together to create an anxious and bleak vibe that is all encompassing. Last Of The Heroin is a chilling and bleak post rock offering sounding somewhere between The Antlers and Mogwai. The is a massive cold atmosphere making you feel like you are stuck along in a dark house. The album closes with the slow ambiance of Point sounds. The mix of soft keys and background wave noises make this a great soothing warm down to the massive journey.

This is an epic marathon of an album. It isn’t an album to be taken lightly and it may take a few listens and patience to fully get it, but those that do will find something utterly incredible.


Check out the Caught in the Wake Forever Bandcamp or Facebook page to find out more.