Royal Chant are back with another collection of loud garage rock sounds. On this release the band push out a heavy sound full with a thick stream of hazy shoegaze atmosphere.

Irish Eyes is a loud and grungy garage rock tune with elements of very early REM mixed in. There is a sort of lazy feel about the song with the loud layering guitars creating a solid layer of shoegazey atmosphere.  The curious Irish voices throughout the song add an extra dimension to the song giving it a nice quirky edge. Too much (is never enough) sees the music get darker and heavier with more layers of distortion piles on top. This is contrasted nicely with the chanting of “oi oi oi” in the chorus. Killing time sees heavy and hard hitting riffs clash with country melodies, the result is a massive energetic country rock anthem!  Hesitation Kills continues the grungy sound but also mixes in some some slick poppy elements. There is a great mix of catchy melodies and rough grunge sounds with the band pulling both off and achieving the best of both worlds. As a result this works as a great radio tune while maintaining that distinctive raw Royal Chant sound!  The EP closes with perhaps the darkest Royal Chant tune in Junk Theory. Reminiscent of the Cure’s early work, there is a chilling vibe as the music slowly drones along.

Royal Chant have continued their rocking charge with another 5 tunes full of raw grunt and energy. This time round with more fuzzy noise added on top!


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