Hop On Pop front man Todd Leiter-Weintraub has gone solo and completely unplugged with this, his latest EP. Unlike the sporadic eccentric styles explored in Hop on Pop’s two albums, this release is focused primarily on a country / western sound with the songs consisting in most parts of just Todd’s voice and his guitar.  There is little to no production of mixing of the songs, instead there is a really rough and ready feel, however this works to the songs’ advantage as it gives them a kind of warts and all character.

The EP opens with Dory, Indeed, a short and sweet instrumental. Going for just a minute and a half it brings out some interesting sounds and great energy. I got nothing is a sharp and raw tune, with the story of not owning everything delivered with the twangy care-free vocals. New Year’s Eve is a fast and energetic tune full of spite and cynicism but with a glimmer of hope buried beneath. Past tense is a more jazzy offering complete with some cool and catchy riffs. The EP closes with the slow and melancholic Looks like we made it to the middle.

This EP is something of a departure from Todd’s usual experimental and volatile brand of pop rock, yet at the same time it fits well along side his previous work. Each song is quirky with unique sounds combined with a raw country feel. There is a very do-it-yourself feel throughout this EP which is what makes it works!



Check out the Bandcamp page to hear songs off the album.