This is the debut release from Sydney four-piece the Monks of Mellonwah. There is a wide range of styles and sounds explored across the EP with elements of everything from Led Zeppelin to Live finding its way into the music somewhere.

Never ending spirit has a mix of mid ’90s rock with darker prog-rock like undertones. Neurogenesis is a dark and heavy rocking tune sounding like a cross between Soundgarden and early Powderfinger. The slow and dark sounds create a chilling and deep atmospheric wall which is complemented well by the occasional outbursts of heavy guitars. You shine is a major highlight to the release. Lead with a brilliant Pink Floyd-esq guitar solo it creates an amazing vibe. The one fault however is that it ended too early and could have easily carried on for another minute or so and kept the vibe going! Kyoto is a fast and energetic rock tune that races past courtesy of a roaring grungy guitar!

This is a very solid and promising debut EP. All manner of sounds are explored across the songs with everything fitting together well. The one fall back is that in some parts the music was over edited which limited the great atmospheric exploration that was the EPs main asset! Nevertheless this is a collection of some great songs that show promise of even better things to come!



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