Lime Cordiale are a Sydney based quartet that mix elements of pop, ska, jazz, and funk. On this, their latest EP, they push out a massive Ska sound, complete with tight catchy tunes and really groovy horns for good measure. There’s a heap of activity and energy throughout the album and they are all quite clearly having a lot of fun making music which translates into a really fun collection of songs that will make you want to get up and dance to.

The EP blasts open with the lively Pretty Girl sounding somewhere between the Arctic Monkeys and the Specials. Make your mind up is a sharp, witty, and rather eclectic offering with the music moving round from being laid back to having a full on anthem on show. This is all topped off with some clever lyrics. Wanna go home is a cute and charming pop tune that floats along lightly. Faceless cat picks up with pace and races along, infuses with energy courtesy of the lively horns.

Lime Cordiale have put forward another set of great tunes that are full of life, energy and ultimately a lot of fun. If you want music to get up and dance to or just want something really uplifting then you can’t go wrong here!


To hear songs off the EP check out the band’s Unearthed page.